All Zona courses and programs were developed using the same format – synthesizing the related research, and combining it with years of experience in the health, fitness and athletic industries.

Principle Based

At Zona, we have intentionally avoided cook-book system.  Rather, we have designed a program that will provide you with the tools to properly assess and program design, regardless of your client’s goal or your training style.


Each Zona course and program draws on the experience not only from the developer, but from those who came before him and continue to teach others in the industry.


Zona prides itself on providing our students and clients with in depth manuals, high quality videos and online support to ensure retention of information.

Relevance to the health and fitness industry

We at Zona understand the majority of our clients are not professional or elite athletes.  As health and fitness professionals, we need to make the information relevant to our clients.

Continuing Education Units/Credits

Our students are entitled to receive CEU’s through various organizations upon completion of Zona courses.