Welcome to our Anatomy of Movement – Hand course.

Courses may consist of the following lessons:

  • Joint Structure and Function
  • Muscle Structure and Function
  • Injury Management
  • Muscle Length Testing
  • Muscle Strength Testing
  • Functional Range of Motion
  • Propioceptive/Kinesiotaping

If a lesson does not contain content, click on the “Mark Complete” button to proceed. Some protocols are not applicable to all muscles. This can depend on joint configuration, muscle characteristics, and practicality. Videos will be uploaded and can be found in our video library. Videos and content not found in the current version are testable.

Upon completion of all topics within a lesson, you will be required to complete the quiz. Students are required to obtain 80% in order to pass the course. Quizzes can be retaken at no additional charge.

We recommend that you print off the Study Guide in order to help facilitate understanding and ease of completion. As you go through each topic, fill in the study guide. Once you reach the quiz, you will be able to use the study guide to answer the questions.

You will receive a certification of completion for each course. ALL 12 courses must be completed in order to receive the Continuing Education Credits from your respective organization.

Goodlife trainers will receive 7 Black Belt points upon completion of the 12 Anatomy Of Movement courses PLUS the complimentary Introductory Nutrition and Biomarker Fitness Assessment.