This introductory self-study course lays the foundation for advanced  Fitness Academy courses, as well as other courses in the industry.  While it may be an introductory course, it is thorough and extensive. As such, it’s going to require that you commit to studying and putting into practice the knowledge acquired.


There are 4 units in the Functional Anatomy Specialist: Level 1 Program.

  • Unit 1: Functional Anatomy Extremities
  • Unit 2: Injury Management Extremities
  • Unit 3: Applied Nutrition
  • Unit 4: Biomarker Fitness Assessment

There is a Final Exam for each unit.  A passing grade of 80% is required for successful completion of each unit.  The exams are open-book, and you have two attempts to pass each.  A $99+TAX re-examination fee is applicable should a passing grade not be achieved after two attempts.


There are 24 Lessons, all of which must be completed prior to being granted your certificate.  Each lesson consists of required reading and a corresponding mini-quiz.  Don’t worry.  Successful completion of each lesson only requires completing the mini-quiz.   A minimal passing grade is not required.


Finally, there is a case study that must be completed for each unit.  Again, there isn’t a passing grade assigned to the case study. However, it is up to the discretion of the Zona Fitness Academy team to assess whether the student has adequately completed the assignment.

Welcome to the program!

Yours truly,

The Zona Fitness Academy Team